Tips For Fighting A Prenuptial Agreement During A Divorce

As you are sitting in a law firm waiting to discuss your divorce case with a family law attorney, you may wonder why you ever agreed to sign a prenuptial agreement. While prenuptial agreements are legally binding documents, there is a chance that an attorney might be able to help you fight yours during your divorce. Fighting a prenup can be difficult, unless your lawyer can prove there is a valid reason that the prenup is not legally binding.

Arrested For Drug Possession While In A Friend's Car? What Can You Do?

When you were younger, your parents may have advised you not to "fall in with a bad crowd" for fear of being caught in the legal crossfire often associated with juvenile delinquency. If you've recently been arrested for drug possession after the police search of a friend's vehicle, you may be starting to see the wisdom of this advice. Fortunately, there are several legal defenses you may be able to assert in order to avoid a criminal conviction for drug possession.

What Parents Can Do When A Child Wants To Be Emancipated

Raising teenagers can sometimes be extremely challenging, especially if you have one that is rebellious and wants more freedom than you are willing to give. When this happens, teenagers will sometimes seek emancipation. If your child is preparing to file for emancipation, you may want to consult a family lawyer like Margit M. Hicks, PA Attorney at Law to find out what you should do. What Is Emancipation? Normally, parents have rights and responsibilities for their children until they turn 18 years old.